Danielle is my favorite fitness instructor I’ve
worked with. She cares about every aspect
of her clients’ health: physical, mental, and
spiritual. She is an excellent motivator who
will push you to your limit.
~Sarah T.

Danielle is like no other trainer I’ve worked
with. I’m a really big guy, and she always has a
modification for me since my level of fitness is
different. She only expects the same amount
of effort, not the same exercise.
~Alan S.

"Danielle is, simply put, amazing. I've trained with other people before and have tried to find a trainer since, and I believe she is the best out there. Her attention to making sure each session is tailored to your individual needs is unparalleled. By the end of every session I would be sweating, but I would feel so great! It's her magical combination of "I'm going to work you hard" and "I'm going to make you feel so good about what your body can do" that does the trick!

She incorporates many different types of activities such as kickboxing, Zumba, weight-lifting, aerobic, yoga, and much more. She takes the time to design a personalized routine for you every month. This works great, because at the end of each month you can see how much better you are at the routine than you were at the start of it.

Additionally, she is incredibly watchful when it comes to making sure your form is correct. Some trainers don't care that much and it could lead to injury, but Danielle keeps a careful eye on you to ensure nothing goes astray. When something doesn't feel right, she is quick to make sure we stop and then work out whatever muscle is cramping or adjust the activity.

More than this, is the fact that Danielle goes above and beyond to help with whatever else might be going on in your life. She helped me get focused on being the kind of poised, confident, powerful leader I wanted to be and helped me find ways to love my body even if it wasn't exactly like the bodies I saw in magazines. Over the six months I worked with her, yes, I lost weight/inches & gained muscle tone, but more than that my life was made infinitely better in all aspects thanks to our sessions. If I hadn't needed to move away, I would have tried to find a way to make her my trainer for the rest of my life! "